Happy Anniversary!!!

4th-Anniversary-SquareI can’t believe it’s here – Our 4th Year Anniversary. The last year has been an intense journey, and to be honest I have been so busy with everything that was going on in my life personally that I almost didn’t think i would make it to Si’s anniversary! But I feel so blessed to still be here and still be able to provide you with a product and a vision that I stand behind with all my heart.

I would first like to thank my Mom – who has been there for me from beginning, giving me the strength and motivation to keep going when I didn’t think I could. I would like to thank my Sister (again) – who has been my soundboard and has never failed to tell me that “You can do this!”. Special Thanks to my printer – for dealing with me and my OCD, for keeping me calm and always making sure that my product was the best before I gave it to my clients.

And lastly and most importantly my clients and supporters because without YOU I wouldn’t be doing this. Thank you for all you likes, pins, shares and support that you have given me over the past 4 years and for the years to come.

Thank You All!!!


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